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About Us

Toy Box, in its contextual meaning, is a chest used for storage of toys. It can be anything from shoe boxes to large tupperwares.

At one point in life, each one of us has had one toy box where we place all our treasures inside. No one can touch it; not even our parents or siblings.

And every time we open our toy boxes, we always have this feeling of another world opening in front of us; where it promises fun, wonder and excitement.


We are those children. We never grew up. Each box we open still gives us those feelings.


And this is what we would like to share to everyone. 

We are hobbyists who love to create and collect statues, figures, model kits and more. We also noticed and felt the lack of availability for these, along with needed tools and supplies, in Cebu. In order to help bridge that gap, help the hobby community gain its momentum, and help introduce and spread various hobbies, we have put up this simple shop.


We hope to help everyone find their treasures inside this Toy Box that we created.